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tv   [untitled]    May 19, 2015 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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cial thank you to the person in our fund development office that made this her project and working closely with our friend here at tilt and made it happen so when the do not bum is selected that the money goes through directly to the skim that school doesn't have to worry about the paperwork and that's christen howard thank you, kristin (clapping) you can tell our pertains they'll get an extended applause and also an incredible team laura is our chief development office and her incredible team
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jonathan and thank you as well for making this possible thank you all (clapping). >> okay. so with that let's go out with teller tell our story to the boarder community let's does not often and make the dreams of our school it is an easy way thank you all for being here good afternoon
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everybody and welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors meeting for may 19, 2015. madam clerk can you please call the roll >> supervisor avalos, present. prezpdant breed, present. campos, present. christensen, not present. cohen, present. farrell, present. kim, not present. mar, present. tang, present. wiener, present. yee, present. madam president you have a quaurm. ladies and gentlemen, can you please join us in the pledge of allegiance? i pledge
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allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic, for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. madam clerk are there any communications? >> yes, we rin receipt of a muneication from the oufs of supervisorgeny kim dated may 18, stating the supervisor will be out of town and request the members exz koos her from the meeting today >> is there a motion to exkoos supervisor kim. without objection supervisor kim is excused. colleagues are there changes to the april 15 minutes? seeing none. those minutes will be
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approved unanimously after public comment. madam clerk can you please read the consent agenda >> item 1-7 are considered routine. if a member objects a item may be removed and considered separately >> madam clerk can you please call the roll >> items 1-7 farrell, aye. kim is excused. marb, aye. tang, aye. wiener, aye. yee, aye. avalos, aye. breed, aye. compose, aye. christensen, aye. cohen aye. >> these items are passed >> item 8 is a resolution tew prove a report of assessment cost submitted by
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public work for inspection or liteed properties >> it is my understanding that-colleagues can we skip this item and return to it? without objection we'll skip this item and go to item 9 >> item 9 is a ordinance to deappropriate 9.6 million [inaudible] appropriate 9.6 million over time in the sheriffs department. the emergency management fire department [inaudible] support the department rejected increase in over time and places 92 thousand of the sheriffs appropriation on the reserve. this requires a 2/3 vote for aprovel of the 1 #0e 5 thousand to public utilities commission >> item 9 same house and cal? without objection this
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ordinance is passed unanimousically >> item 10 is ordinance to authorize the public utility [inaudible] sell leck trisee to operate the cities electrical [inaudible] >> colleagues same house same call? without objection the ordinance is passed unanimously. item 11 >> item slaev ordinance to appropriate 1.75 million from waste water enterprise funds designated to pay claim settlements legal expenses due to ordinary expenses incured as a result of the 2014 storms >> same house, same call. without objection this is passed on the first reading. iteal 12 >> item 12 resolution to ret row actively authorize the deapartment of the environment to expand 1.3
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million dollar grant from department of energy to develop solar energy for energy storage for post [inaudible] december 31, 2016&same house and call. without objection this is adopted unanimousically >> item 13 is ret row actively oughterize transportation agency to execute agreement with [inaudible] and [inaudible] for approximately 5.1 million [inaudible] >> same house, same call. without objection this resolution is adopted unanimously yrkss item 14 is a update on board of supervisors recommendation 3 and 12 b contained in the 2013, 14 report entitled rising sea level at our door
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step >> without objection this resolution is approved >> item 14 is a ordinance to amend the planning code to certain using contain conditional use nob nab 24 straet [inaudible] upper market transit district and in the moderate scale [inaudible] for market street west of actaveia boulevard and aforming the planning department of daermtation under the california environmental quality act. >> supervisor wiener >> thank you this legislation will help our commercial corridors of castro and [inaudible] remain vibrant and active places. the legislation requires that if someone wishes to put a office use ochb the ground floor commercial spaces on
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24th street, castro, upper market they are required to obtain a conditional use permit from the planning commission. we know that our commercial corridors are at their best when the retail spaces are occupied by active retail and similar uses. when office uses begin to go in n to the ground floor spaces you hit a tipping point where there are too many uses and businesses not open at night and the weekend and not particularly active uses. through this legislation we are not abening the placement of offices whether it is any type of office or a real estate office or title company, we are not banning those uses on ground floor retail, but we require a conditional use be obtained. this allows us to achieve a
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blaance and make sure the commercial corridors are vibrant and active as possible so ask for your support >> thank you supervisor wiener. colleagues item same house and call? without objection this ordinance is passed unanimously. >> item 16 is a ord nons tew mend the planning code to change the designation of the western manufacture building at 149-159 street [inaudible] under planning code article 11 and making the required findings >> same house, same call. without objection this ord nnss is passed unanimously on the first reading. item 17 >> item 17, ordinance to suspend the public works code 184.78, the cost for banner fees for up to 4 banners to be placed by the loten alternative school to
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publicize loten selection as a california distinguished school >> without objection this ordinance is passed unanimously own the first readish. can we please go back to item number 8 >> item number 8 is called t is the report of assessment cost for blighted properties >> at this time i would like to recognize supervisor christensen >> thank you madam president. we believe there are language issues and other miscommunication regarding thise properties and are in contact with these property owners and believe we reached a agreement that certify public work squz property owners so i would like to make a motion we table this item. we appreciate public works anob number look forward to making sure we can stream line this process in the future to avoid future misunderstanding
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>> supervisor christensen made motion to table the item. second by supervisor cohen. colleagues can we take this item without objection to table this item number 8? without objection item number 8 is tabled unanimously. we are going to skip over the 3 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. commendation and go to roll call for introductions >> supervisor farrell you are first to introduce new business >> thank you madam clerk. i have one item today and that introduces a resolution to support the national gun vilance awareness day on june 20, 2015. thist resolution encourages everyone to weir orange on june 20. to commemorate gun violence awearness day. why orange and june second? men a heard of the story of [inaudible] she fs a high school student
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from the south side of chicago who marched in obamas second ainaugural parade and [inaudible] her friends asked the class mates to commemorate her life and [inaudible] by wearing orange because hunters weir the color orange to warn to to shoot. june second of this year would have been [inaudible] 18th birthday. people nation wide to honor her life and friend call to action and those americans stolen by gun violence every day and year in america. as of today we had 20 homicides in the city of san francisco this year in 2015. 14 by gun fire, one of those being the
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tragt shooting of mariea [inaudible] in front of her 3 children on bay view. it continues to take too many lives in san francisco and gun violence and at the top of our minds. [inaudible] establishing the gun violence task force and cu-mind her work in this area and thank her for cosponsoring the resolution today. the rest i submit >> supervisor mar >> thank you, please join me sunday may 31, not this but next sunday 10-5 p.m. to celebrate the 75 years of san francisco botanical garden also known as the cities arboretum. i will be there with many richmond and sunset residence who are some oaf the most frequent visitors. menee of the residence around the park contribute their
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time as volunteers well over 40 thousands hours were cribbled to every facet of the gardens operations over the past year and the arboretum is a resource for local schools as well. it serves more than 12 thousand children annually including every public elementary and k-8. the gardens become a neighborhood treasure. if you want more information go to sf botanial the community day is free 10-five sunday may 31 and the botanical gardens is also celebrating their garden feast this coming [inaudible] congrat ylshzs to the arboretum our botanical gordon in san francisco and many people over the years from san francisco that
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supported it. the rest i submit >> supervisor tang >> today i am thrilled to be joined by colleagues, many of them to submit a charter [inaudible] for this november. i like to thank cosponsors. all the female colleagues here, supervisor london breed, cohen, christensen and kim and wiener, farrell, yee and avalos. happy to seek additional cosponsorss as well. the amendment i introduce enhances the cities paid leave law which is the most comprehensive in the nation recognizing the importance of recognizing our families after a birth of a child. under our current paid leechb program, city and county of san francisco receive 12 weejs or if
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disables by pregnancy up to 16 weeks of leave after the adoption or fostering a live. this supplements disability and paid sick leave and other forms of paid leave. san francisco has the strongest leave in the country, there are [inaudible] to strengeen the policy. the charter amendment amends the program in 2 ways, one it, allows city works to keep 40 hours of sick time on the books when they take paid time off u. currently they must exhaust all sick time. this chaichck allows parents to address health related needs as well if they have health related needs. if there are 2 city workers in the same family each is entitled to their benefits. currently
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they must split the benefit. if one partner takes 4 weeks off the second gets the remaining aithd weeks time off. san francisco we are ahead of the curve. for example, it was this jan president obama announced a new sick week paid leave program for federal workers same with the sit eof boston this month that established this program in may. also 6 weirs for city employees who work frd the sate for one year. [inaudible] 8 weeks while chicago 6 week squz philadelphia 4 weeks. i was inspired to take on the issue of parental leave policy after learning there are more family paid leave programs offered by other countries. den mark is a example offering a full year of paid mu turnty leave for new moms. the private secter
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recognizes the benefits of paid leave. google saw the rate of moms leaving their jobs fall by 50 percent when they expanded paid leave from 12 to 16 weeks. earn stn young has paved the way offering 39 weeks oof paid mu turnty leave and provide child care vouchers upon return of mu ternty leave. this is the first part of the amendment i send today is part one of the effort. the second phase of the effort is that i'm starting a paid parental leave task force to engage in a year long process to explore additional change tooz explore the policy. they will explore ideas, tending the paid leave program beyond 12 weeks potentially 6 months and extended to non municipal employees. i like to thank the partners that
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participated in this this discussion. we have department of labors womens bureau, department of [inaudible] first 5 san francisco. good department of human resources. controllers office. the san francisco family support network. the healthy mothers work place coalition. uc hasting for work life long and the private partners that set a great example, we have san franciscos very own gap and google. as we continue to lead the nation with paid parental leave policy, my goal is put us on par for the rest of the world and set a good example across the industry. according to a 2014 report from the unit nation institute of labor there are nene 8 countries that aurf paid leave for [inaudible] analyzing 38 countries found the medium amount of full paid time off was 5 to 6 month. the
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health benefits, studies have shown the health benefits for children to parents such as increased bondy and breastpede faeding time and doctor check up and decrease of post partum depression are benefits. i thank my cosponsors for joining me and look forward to working on this issue in the coming year. the second item i have today that i'm introducing is legislation that allow animal control officer tooz wave adoption fee squz other applicable charges. currentry acc can only wave adoption fees if they receive funding to do so. sfr fr example [inaudible] madies fund gives participating sheltererse 200 dollars 2500 dollars for each met adopted and this covers adoption
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fees [inaudible] this is the last year madies fund will sponsor the event so outside the event are other donations. acc cannot wave the fees so that is why we a have this legislation today. it lows acc to dpaulo common practice to allow wavering adoption fees. in august animal care and control partners with nbcc and tell mundo for the [inaudible] 30 shelters throughout the bay area will wave adoption fees to find homes for pets. we look forward to giving acc the flexibility and know it will allow thome to take advantage to house the homeless pets >> thank you supervisor tang. supervisor wiener >> subimate
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>> supervisor u >> submit >> supervisor avalos >> last month and introduced a ort ordinance to for housing [inaudible] today i introduce a substitute to insure no more group housing project that slip through planning commission without meeting their housing requirements. when the ordinance goes into effect it plies to all projects that haven't received a construction permit by today, may 19. since the housing program was created in 2002 it was in10ed to apply to group housing, but at some point the planning department made a unofficial determination group housing wasn't subject to the program. developers proposed a number of market rate housing praij eths. recently also members of the planning commission expressed concerns that group housing is being
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used as a technical loop hole. thisords nns that i resubmit will make sure we close the technical loop hole and urge the plang commission to delay hearing of the permits of any new group housing projects without inclusionary housing until we move forward with this legislation >> thank you supervisor avalos. supervisor cohen >> thank you. thank madam clerk. colleagues today i introduce a number of items. the first is the draft request to city attorneys office to prepare legislation that requires both the san francisco police department and the sheriff department to expand not only the type of information collected and recorded, but also when it is collected. for example, here are facts. african american men are [inaudible] drug crimes 19 mere times. we
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know african american emwn face arrest rate 13 times higher than know other race. over all african americans in san francisco are arrested 3 times more often than other cities in cal. the legislation requires the name, age, race, gender and gender identity to be collected not only during traffic stops rsh but also any time either the department detains, stops or stops for questioning or search a individual. this information collected will also include whether the stop involved a vehicle search or pat down or such of a individual, the name and badge number of all officers involved, the result of the contact. for example, was a arrest made, was a citation given or warning given, is
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there a incident report or no action is taken? similar data is collected in oakland, new york and san josay is working toward similar reporting. i hope to quell the disproportionate numbers of arrests of minorities and transgenders communities. we make this nrfshz public and requiring report toog the mayors office as well as the board of supervisors. i'm also equally as excited to introduce a resolution of intent to form incities first ever green benefit district in dog patch and north west putraro hill. what is the green district you may ask yourself. a few years ago i worked with dedicated neighbors and property owners on creative solutions to fund open space improvement and maintenance in the growing
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eastern neighborhoods. at the same time i worked to pass legislation which establishes the process residential and commercial property owners can voluntarily assess themselves to pay for improving and creating public parks as well as open space. now, this model is merely a identical to the cities process for forming a community and business improvement districates. this is the first time commercial and residential property owners parbticipate ina sessment district and the fund could be used for a wider variety of suvss such as graffiti removaling, capital improvement, tree planning and over all park maintenance. you lurd me many times again to discussing the challenges that we are facing, funding
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and prioritizing new infrastructure improvement in the eastern neighborhood which we know is rapidly developing. this is a creative strategy where the city and neighbors take up the challenge to create a maintain deserately needed public realm and park improvements. i heard from a number of other neighborhood groups acrauz the city looking to form something similar and mautdal the proposals after the work done in dog patch and north west putraro hill. i want to compliment the neighbor frz organizing and advocacy, we couldn't have gotten this far without their help and also want to recognize key department heads that have been really helpful in helping get this established. persons in dpw, city attorney office as well as reck and park. colleagues i look forward to a hear on these items in committing and advances the first green benefit. the rest i submit
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>> madam president seeing no other names on the roster that concludes >> at this time the public can comment for up to 2 minutes to include the minutes and items on adoption without #re6erance to committee calendar, items 28-33. public comment isn't allow on items subject to public comtonight a board committee, pursuant to board rule 4.22 direct to the board as a whole. speakers using translation will be allowed twice the amount of time to testify. if you like a document to be displayed on the overhead state to sfgtv and remove the document when the document rerns to live covererage >> first speaker, please >> thank you president breed and other vemoffs the cuball. my name is christopher doll
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and live at 6th and howard 14 blocks and 10 meters from sea levels. i rise to comment on the fall out with 'twere century technology. chinese researchers announced they have successfully edited bad genes out of a non vieable human fetus and replaced with good genes. whether this is immediately doable with a viable fetus isn't status, but have no doubt they will try and succeed. dna is just a seek wnls of letters in a document and just as easy to edit as a document. click, cut, click, paest. the war is between the earsistible lust for life and the certainty of the mind cht you can't do this asome say, we must do this the researchers say. if we have a problem and a technique